Melissa A. Walker, Ph.D.

Consultant, Speaker, Author, Advocate

I am a mom of four and someone that went from an Admin Assistant to a Director in 6 years. 


In 2013, while working at my primary position at Penn State University I also began working on my PhD in Workforce Education - Organizational Development.  It took me four years to complete that degree, and in that time, I also managed to have my two youngest sons.  There are whole presentations I gave in an evening classroom I honestly don't remember!


I've been consulting in a professional and volunteer capacity for over 20 years, working with organizations of all sizes, including the CA Department of Corrections and AARP.  


I consider myself a driven person, but I know first hand that to truly succeed, you need others around you.  I've had those amazing supports, now I want to be that person for you.

Empowering Women in Leadership

Annual Conference


Over the summer of 2018, I was writing a training grant and also researching professional development for women in leadership.  While there are a lot of programs in existence, I wanted something that spoke more to what I wanted as an individual.  I wanted something research based, less theory-more practice, with tools I could implement immediately.  I wanted to be inspired, and most of all, I wanted to encourage women to support other women.  That's when it hit me.  I can do this myself.  So, that summer, I began planning the first conference, selecting the speakers, and designing the overall experience.  Seventy-five attended, and it was a total hit!


In 2019, Training and Development Network held the 2nd annual Empowering Women in Leadership conference, hosting over 150 participants, 20+ workshops, networking, and affinity dinners.  Join us in Spring 2021!

My Services.

To meet the needs of the individual, the organization, or your event, I provide specialized services, tailored to help you achieve your goals.

Career Navigation Coaching.

Through one-on-one meetings, online learning, resume assistance, mindfulness sessions, goal setting/journalling, and accountability, we will work to create a strategic plan around your long and short-term goals.  We will identify your strengths and build them to meet your objectives, all while remaining authentic and accountable.  It's your career, and we will navigate it.


Keynotes, workshop, or webinars.  I'm available for your speaking needs.  In the world of women leadership development speakers, women motivational speakers and female keynote speakers, I bring my personal experience, research based practical skills, and tools that your audience can implement immediately.

Training and Development.

People are the backbone of every organization.  My expertise, experience, and education allow me to assess your needs, develop a strategic performance plan and implement it among your leadership and staff.  This plan is tailored to your needs and may include organizational change, training, and/or process improvement.

What Customers Say.

I really enjoyed this session. I also really enjoyed Melissa's encouraging, empowering way of conveying information.

Networking & Agency, Professional Certificate Series

Penn State University - Talent Development

The training was great! I found it to be engaging and very worthwhile for the Borough staff.

Implicit Bias and Good People

Borough of State College

Open-Realistic, Not accusatory. The instructor knew her material-could speak freely & openly on the topic of implicit bias.

Implicit Bias and Law Enforcement

Centre County Police Departments


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